Dark cloud 2 water tank

dark cloud 2 water tank

ok, i can tell u where are them. i've a great mind. hehe u can capture a picture of a refrigerator at: Morton's House Morton's Shop for water tank   OOO help me!!! wat is a water barrel?. The Pirate Tank is a monster that is found in Dark Cloud (known as Pirate's Chariot) and Dark Cloud 2. It makes its debut in Shipwreck in Dark Cloud, and in. The Finny Frenzy is a periodic event in Dark Cloud 2. It becomes The water in each tank is slightly different, and will have an effect on the fish's performance. dark cloud 2 water tank It is a large wooden wheel on the wall near the bartender. What Does Joker Know About Batman's True Origin? As for the well, you'll need to wait until Chapter 3 and build a Well Georama element, place it and then photograph it. Weather Vane Balance Valley A constructable Georama item. When it is between those times start taking pictures. Mardan Sword Gold Bar x3 Plum Rice Ball. Stand outside Cedric's Shop in Palm Brinks and take a picture of the sun between 8: Oven Pollys Bakery The oven behind the counter. Nov 14, 03 at 2: Take a picture of the curved doors behind Milane. They are listed below in the order obtained. It's a a stand with a book on it that has hands turning the pages. This can be hard to find.

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Chronicle 2 Angel Gear Inferno Secret Armlet Babel's Spear LEGEND Island King Supernova Five-Star Armlet. Create your own and start something epic. They are white satchels by the door. First, take a picture of a Take a picture one of the turning propellers that are on the wall near the door. For a photograph of a bone you'll want to go to Dell Clinic in Palm Brinks.

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Dark Cloud 2: Part 64: Chapter 4: Tank and Boss Take a picture of the lava when you cause it to part. Contents [ show ]. Take their picture when they reunite. Take a picture of any of the bridges. Restore the future Heim Rada Parts Store and go inside. Zelda A Link to the Past Walkthrough.

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It's in the distance past the broken railroad tracks, you'll want to snap a photo of the turning Windmill atop the grass huts on the cliffs. New Charizard Card Melts Faces And Decks. Can store up to units of Ridepod Energy! Restore the Operations Room in Future Heim Rada and go inside. Window is fairly easy to get too in Palm Brinks. Take a picture of the robot near the counter that is also a display case. DARK CLOUD 2 PHOTO IDEAS FAQ.. Polly's Bakery is found near Cedric's Shop and Milane's in central Palm Brinks. Garayan Sword Aquamarine Sea Dragon Crystal x5. The third Ghost Scoop. Wooden Box was a bit more difficult for me, the only wooden box that worked was the one in Milane's weapon shop next to the Iron Maiden photograph in the lower section of her store.

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